for many departments to have the information they need at their fingertips 24/7 through our "Client Web Portal"​ Our summary and detailed drill down reports give you the help you need to enhance your current processes and become more efficient as it relates to your parcel shipping flow.

World-wide Shipping Rates can be a very large part of your parcel package shipping budget.  Getting the best rates and time sensitive delivery are a must.  Ship Trends offers a "No Cost"comparison that will give you a clear understanding of how your current UPS, FedEx international rates stack up against our industry leading DHL rates.  It's common for us to find anywhere from 10% to 30% savings over other carriers.  Take advantage of our free comparison today.

Ship Trends is powered by our industry leading Way-Point Analytics Software

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Ship Trends proprietary software preforms a "27-Point Invoice Audit" each week at the package level.  This process allows our clients to pay an accurate invoice. Any invoice errors or overcharges are corrected. And all the credits are placed back into our clients shipping accounts. We believe that our client should be in control of their own savings. 

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Our system provides our clients with an industry leading suite of weekly reporting for all levels of business.  There ease of use makes it possible

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