Ship Trends has developed a hard data driven process called “Waypoint-Analytics”.  
We bring a unique approach that will enable companies to gain a clear transparent 
understanding of the risk of loss, savings opportunities and how to enhance their 
current parcel package processes.  It can be a daunting task to keep up with 
the constantly changing landscape of the worldwide logistical industry.  You need 
experts in your corner 24/7.

Our process starts with building what we call a “Logistic Data Stack”.  We 
obtain samples of current data from every part of your parcel shipping chain and preform a deep and thorough analysis.  The result of this process will produce a “Final Data Stack”.  This information will give you the real bottom line freight numbers on your UPS, FedEx  Parcel Package spend all in one place.  In addition, you can also go "A-la-carte" and chose just one part of your spend.

WayPoint Analytics-

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This data is then placed into a “Case Study” that will give you potential savings solutions based on the real data, not hopeful numbers. There's no cost to obtain your case study.  Your only investment will simply be providing us the data and waiting for the results. .

Our clients are saving from 5% - 20% depending on the services they choose.  Ship Trends has the expertise and business partners to help at every level of your transportation spend.